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Sustainability is one of SEC’s Core Values. As one of the largest street lighting contractors in the country striving to reduce the amount of waste generated in all areas of our business is a top priority. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) set a target of recycling 80% of all UK lamps containing mercury. SEC exceeds this target by ensuring 100% of all lamp products are recycled with no element going to landfill. SEC also recycles all electrical equipment which is outside the WEEE Directive and is in the process of identifying other waste streams that can be recycled to the same exacting standards. These include wood pallets which can be sent to chipping plants, packaging and plastics, and also concrete columns which can be crushed and used as building aggregate. Not only does SEC comply with Environmental Legislation that may affect the organisation, we also maintain commitment to continuous improvement in all our operations, to encourage a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all of us.

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